A Case of Two Cities

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A Case of Two Cities is one of the 10 Inspector Chen novels written by Qui Xiaolong which have sold over 1 million copies and have been translated into 20 languages worldwide.  Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Bureau reunites with U.S. Marshall, Inspector Catherine Rhon, to end a corruption ring that spreads from China to the Unites States and back again in this fascinating procedural crime drama.

The novel is also the premise for an international coproduction television series being developed by Keller Entertainment Group called Inspector Chen. Like Colombo (the long running series starring Peter Falk), Inspector Chen is not only clever but also very quirky.  Inspector Chen is a published poet and constantly quoting his own original poetry and other famous poets while solving cases.  His partner U.S.Marshall Catherine Rhon and the suspects they deal with are both fascinated (and sometimes irritated) by his poetry and his special crime solving skills!

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