David Joseph Keller

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DAVID JOSEPH KELLER is Executive Vice President of Keller Entertainment Group and oversees all development and distribution for the company.  Mr. Keller grew up on location sets all over the world and when available worked on the Kellers productions in various capacities. 

Mr. Keller graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts.  His acting background has given him extensive experience working with directors and actors having acted in over 20 films and commercials as well as numerous stage plays in Los Angeles.  Mr. Keller has written and directed several short films.  

Since working with Keller Entertainment Group he has brought in several projects including the reimagined Tarzan, Acapulco H.e.a.t the movie, Cuckoo House, Amazon Refresh, Spree, Adorkables and Wet Works which are currently in active stages of development.  Mr. Keller lives in Los Angeles.