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Keller Entertainment Group

Growing from a cinematic seed in the minds of the founders, Max Keller and Micheline Keller, Keller Entertainment Group has evolved into a critically acclaimed boutique studio, specializing in the international production and distribution of motion pictures, television series and digital media content for worldwide audiences. The Kellers produced their first film in 1978 and today Keller Entertainment Group is one of the longest surviving independent motion picture companies in the United States entertainment industry having produced, distributed and owning the copyrights on its library of over 200 programs.

Now as Keller Entertainment is reaching its prime in the ever changing entertainment business, it is entering into global partnerships and transforming into a "mini-major".  On any given day, in any country throughout the world, the Kellers product is likely to be seen in theaters, on broadcast television, on demand and streaming on the internet.

Keller Entertertainment Group.....STUDIO QUALITY....INDEPENDENT SPIRIT!

Keller Entertainment Group



1093 Broxton Avenue, Suite #246

Los Angeles, California 90024 USA

Tel: (310) 443-2226

Fax: (310) 443-2194

MAX KELLER: Chairman and CEO

Email Address: [email protected]


Email Address: [email protected]

DAVID JOSEPH KELLER: Executive Vice President

Email Address: [email protected]

VINCENT FISCHER: Exclusive China Agent
Email Address:  [email protected]