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Tarzan. The Legend Reimagined
Upcoming TV Series

TARZAN, one of the world’s most famous and beloved characters is reimagined and brought into the 21st century for a whole new generation to fall in love with, be thrilled by, swing along with and enjoy.

Dark Heavens, English poster
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DARK HEAVENS is based on  a series of 9 novels written by Kylie Chan.  A young woman travels to China to work as a nanny for a mysterious Beijing businessman who turns out to be the Chinese God of the Northern Heavens.

Stranger in our house
Upcoming TV Series

An insecure college girl’s life goes to hell when her orphaned Ozark cousin moves into her home and tries to steal the hearts of her best friend, her ex-boyfriend and her father - until she discovers she’s a powerful witch who infiltrates families under false identities and uses black magic to control them and often murder them. Her family nearly destroyed, Rachel must step up and take defensive action and battle the witch.

China Files
Upcoming TV Series

A bi-cultural detective series set in the gritty mean streets of downtown L.A. and Chinatown.
International cases of murder, vice, corruption and terrorism are solved by two mismatched investigators: an erudite, quirky Shanghai cop and a tough, compulsive female CIA agent. They reluctantly team up as detective partners and journey into L.A.’s seedy underworld, forming a deeply personal bond, even though they each serve two political enemies – America and China.

Cuckoo House
Upcoming TV Series

A psychiatric institute is not anything to laugh at except when the doctors need as much care as the patients.
When the Board considers closing the facility, the zany staff of Serenity Mental Health Institute battle to save it from being shut down.

Amazon Refresh
Upcoming TV Series

Carter, an overconfident college student gets the financial opportunity of a lifetime when he is sent back in time to the 90s. But he quickly discovers that making millions of dollars is more difficult than he thought when he accidentally causes Amazon to go bankrupt, causing him to team up with the younger versions of his business professor and Jeff Bezos himself to rebuild Amazon.

Upcoming TV Series

Adorkables is a funny and touching comedy series about relationships and friendships proving it is true that opposites attract.

Mostly set in a house in Hancock Park, like “The Odd Couple”, Andrew and David are a mismatched pair, that at times drive each other crazy, but more often than not, help each other to grow and become better people.

Inspector Chen and Me
Upcoming TV Series

A Case of Two Cities is one of the 10 Inspector Chen novels written by Qui Xiaolong which have sold over 1 million copies and have been translated into 20 languages worldwide.  Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Bureau reunites with U.S. Marshall Inspector, Catherine Rhon, to end a corruption ring that spreads from China to the United States and back again in this fascinating procedural crime drama.  The novel is also the premise for an international coproduction television series being developed by Keller Entertainment called Inspector Chen & Me.