Max Keller

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MAX KELLER is the motivating force and principal shareholder of Keller Entertainment Group and its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Keller is an attorney and  long time member of the State Bar of California.  He specialized in Federal Court litigation before entering the film distribution business in 1976 by way of litigation on behalf of a client.  His first venture in distribution was so successful that in 1978 he expanded into production.  After retiring from a successful law practice, Mr. Keller entered the entertainment industry as a principal and developed extensive experience in the finance, production and distribution of motion pictures and international television series on a worldwide basis.

Throughout the years, Mr. Keller has served as a Producer and Executive Producer on a variety of theatrical and television films and Keller Entertainment Group currently distributes and owns the copyright on 200 programs all of which Mr. Keller produced and financed.  Mr. Keller has set up international coproductions which have been produced in locations as diverse as Australia, Mexico, St. Croix, South Africa, the Philippines and many states (including Hawaii, California, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, New York and Oregon) throughout the United States.   Mr. Keller was recently an Executive Producer on Hands of Stone starring Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro and Usher which was released in over 2600 theatres in the USA.