Tarzan. The Legend Reimagined
Upcoming TV Series

TARZAN, one of the world’s most famous and beloved characters is reimagined and brought into the 21st century for a whole new generation to fall in love with, be thrilled by, swing along with and enjoy.

Dark Heavens, English poster
Upcoming Movie, Upcoming TV Series

DARK HEAVENS is based on  a series of 9 novels written by Kylie Chan.  A young woman travels to China to work as a nanny for a mysterious Beijing businessman who turns out to be the Chinese God of the Northern Heavens.

Robots in Time, English poster
Upcoming Movie

ROBOTS IN TIME is based on a series of 6 novels written by William F. Wu.  To reverse a nuclear explosion caused by a renegade robot, Hunter, Li Zhang and their team must travel through time to ancient China.

Garrett P.I.
Upcoming Movie

Garrett P.I. is an upcoming 3D Live Action Motion Picture.  It is based on 14 Garrett P.I. novels written by fantasy writer Glen Cook.  It features Garrett P.I. a human detective in a fantasy world.

The Crocodile Princess, English
Upcoming Movie

The Crocodile Princess is based on The Crocodile Princess novel written by Robyn Paterson. In Ming Dynasty China, a young warrior nun escapes an attack on her monastery and, with the help of an exiled Scottish royal guardsman, must deliver a mysterious treasure box to the Crocodile Princess.

The Chameleon, English poster
Upcoming Movie

The Chameleon is based on an original story by David Joseph Keller.  After a freak lab accident transforms him into a human chameleon, Zhang Po, a brilliant young scientist, used his newfound abilities to save the world from a mysterious fatal disease.

Hands of Stone
Released Movie

HANDS OF STONE starring Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro, and Usher. The true story of the legendary boxer Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel as they change each other's lives. Executive Producers Max Keller and George Edde. Worldwide Distribution by The Weinstein Company.

Released TV Series

TARZAN, THE SERIES (75 half-hour episodes) – Starring Wolf Larson, Lydie Denier. Spectacular jungle locations and adventure stories makes this Tarzan series a viewing gift for the entire family. Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.

Tarzan in Manhattan
Released Movie

TARZAN IN MANHATTAN – Starring Joe Lara, Tony Curtis, Jan Michael Vincent.  Updates the Tarzan legend as the hero braves the urban jungle of New York City to rescue his primate friend, Cheetah. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.

Conan The Adventurer, TV series
Released TV Series

CONAN (22 one-hour episodes) – Starring Ralf Moeller.  Conan The Adventurer follows the exploits of Conan, the world's greatest warrior as he fights injustice in the Hyborian Age. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.