Women Of Valor
Released Movie

WOMEN OF VALOR – Starring Susan Sarandon, Kristy McNichol Based on the true story of American nurses during World War II held by the Japanese as Prisoners of War. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Released TV Series

TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES  (22 one-hour episodes) – Starring Joe Lara, Tarzan returns to the true spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels living in the African jungle and encountering different worlds and creatures in these science fiction action filled adventures. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group

Deadly Blessing
Released Movie

DEADLY BLESSING directed by Wes Craven.  A gruesome secret, protected for generations, is unleashed, creating a path of death and destruction. Producers: Max Keller, Micheline Keller and Patricia Herskovic. Worldwide Distribution by MGM/UA.

Dreams of Gold
Released Movie

DREAMS OF GOLD – Starring Cliff Robertson, Loretta Swit.  The true story of Mel Fisher and his family’s search for sunken treasure ships hidden on the bottom of the ocean for three centuries. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.