Robots in Time, English poster
Upcoming Movie

ROBOTS IN TIME is based on a series of 6 novels written by William F. Wu.  To reverse a nuclear explosion caused by a renegade robot, Hunter, Li Zhang and their team must travel through time to ancient China.

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Released TV Series

TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES  (22 one-hour episodes) – Starring Joe Lara, Tarzan returns to the true spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels living in the African jungle and encountering different worlds and creatures in these science fiction action filled adventures. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group

Voyage Of The Rock Aliens
Released Movie

VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS – Pia Zadora, Craig Scheffer, Ruth Gordon A raucous lampoon of vintage horror, beach party and alien movies through a musical odyssey of fun and laughter. Worldwide Distribution by Keller Entertainment Group.